Health Facilities – Healthcare Facility Cleaning

HealthFor over twenty years, Dublcheck has been providing healthcare facility cleaning and facility maintenance to leisure centres and gyms. Our aim is to provide a clean and safe environment for visitors, members and staff. To ensure you maintain a clean and hygienic facility, a professional and dependable cleaning service is required.

We can provide one-off or regular cleaning audits to suit your exact requirements. Dublcheck offers a value-added, competitive service. The cleanliness of health facilities is proven to affect your membership growth; therefore we strive to maintain the condition of your facilities to the highest possible standard.

We provide a comprehensive cleaning services throughout your facility, including:

  • Sauna and steam room
  • Sports equipment
  • Exercise machines
  • Exercise mats
  • Reception areas
  • Communal gym areas
  • Sports halls
  • Changing rooms


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