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Dublcheck Square logo HRDublcheck is the UK’s leading franchised commercial cleaning company and was founded in 1993 and has been recognised as the 20th fastest growing company by Virgin Fast Track and The Sunday Times. With over 100 franchisees Dublcheck is still a wholly owned British Company and founder and Chairman Carol Stewart-Gill

Carol Stewart-Gill – Chairman since 1993

Carol Stewart-Gill – Chairman since 1993

Whatever your background, investing in a Dublcheck Commercial Cleaning Franchise can make you a success. Dublcheck’ s approved training programme will make you a professional in your field. Having been in the business of setting people up in the commercial cleaning business for 25 years, Dublcheck knows how to deliver. Not only does Head Office do all your invoicing and cash collecting, walk you through a full training course, but also go that extra mile and obtains cleaning contracts for you.

“The commercial cleaning sector is a massive industry worth over £8 bn. This is a really exciting opportunity for franchisees because the growth and profit potential can be maximized using the experience, knowledge and systems we have developed. “Just think of all those buildings out there that need cleaning. If you put in the effort and follow the Dublcheck System the rewards are there”. says Carol Stewart-Gill Founder and Chairman.

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